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Super Okusan to Start Construction of New Hotel in Kutchan in 2022

2021年10月05日 08時00分

Hong Kong-affiliate Super Okusan (Yamada 188-19, Kutchan; Ivy Wu, President) plans to start construction of a new hotel in 2022 on the site of the former Niseko Weiss Hotel. A 62-room hotel and two villas are planned. The contractor will be decided at a later time.

A seven-story hotel with 62 rooms and two villas for guests will be constructed on the 13,000-square-meter site where the former hotel was located. The design of the hotel is being carried out by Seshimo Architects (headquarters: Tokyo).

According to Makoto Iwasa, the Manager of Chalet Ivy Hirafu operated by Super Okusan, a ground survey is now under way and the drilling of hot springs is slated to start soon. Construction will begin in 2022 at the earliest, with the aim of opening in the winter season of 2024.

The company acquired Niseko Weiss Hotel in Hanazono 79-2, Kutchan in September 2017, but closed it in March 2018 due to aging and other reasons. The hotel was dismantled that same year. In Kutchan Town, large-scale development projects have emerged one after another despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The town intends to formulate a landscape plan targeting a large area of the resort district with which it will tighten regulations in FY 2022, such as setting an upper limit on the total floor area for hotels and stores constructed there.

The area around the former ski resort Niseko Weiss, including the site of the former Niseko Weiss Hotel, will be incorporated into the landscape district, but the total floor area will not be limited.

Hong Kong-affiliated Nihon Harmony Resorts, which operates the nearby ski resort Niseko Hanazono Resort, acquired the ski resort Niseko Weiss in 2014, and plans to build a new lift connecting the two ski resorts. This area is expected to attract attention as a new base for large-scale accommodation facilities.

(Excerpt from an article on June 16, 2021)

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