NISADE to Develop 13ha of Land in Kutchan’s Weiss District

2022年10月12日 12時00分

Niseko Alpine Developments (NISADE, 191-54 Yamada, Kutchan, President: Taiji Hashizume) is embarking on a large-scale development on 13 ha of land in the Weiss district of Kutchan Town. The plan includes the construction of a 47-room hotel and villas, and the contractor will be decided in the future.

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Kutchan NPO Plans MTB Trails in Niseko including Mt. Yotei Circuit

2022年10月11日 11時00分
Kutchan NPO Plans MTB Trails in Niseko including Mt. Yotei Circuit

The NPO Niseko Area Mountain Bike Association (Higashi 1-4, Kita 1, Kutchan) is planning to develop mountain bike (MTB) trails in the Niseko resort area and at the foot of Mt. Yotei. The project will take approximately 20 years to complete, with multiple trails to be established at ski resorts in the towns of Kutchan and Niseko, as well as a circuitous route around Mt. Yotei. As the first stage of the project, ALLEGRA (headquartered in Switzerland) will begin construction of the Twin Peaks bike park in Kutchan Town in August. If all goes as planned, the total length of the trails is expected to exceed 100 km. Bikers will be able to get on and off the trail at various locations, where they can enjoy dining and lodging. It is likely to attract more attention as a catalyst for the formation of year-round tourist destinations.

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Philippine Real Estate Development Giant to Build Hotel 101 in Kutchan

2022年10月07日 12時00分

Philippine real estate development giant Double Dragon Corporation (chairman and CEO: Edgar Sia) is planning to build a new hotel in Kutchan Town. This is the first time the company’s Hotel 101 brand will be built outside the Philippines.

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Marumi Develops 24 Villa Lots in Kabayama, Kutchan – Land Preparation to Start in September

2022年08月01日 09時00分

Marumi Co., Ltd., a real estate developer (Minami 16-jo Nishi 8-1-38, Chuo-ku, Sapporo), plans to develop 24 villa lots in the Kabayama district of Kutchan Town. After deciding the contractor, the project team will begin land preparation in September.

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PCPD Plans Villas in Hanazono, Kutchan Development of 14 Lots to Begin at End of July

2022年06月27日 12時00分

Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited (PCPD), a Hong Kong-based real estate developer, plans to build new villas in the Hanazono area of Kutchan Town. After selecting the contractor, the project team will begin land development of 14 lots at the end of July.

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