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Niseko Woodlands to develop vacation home site in Niseko Town Soga encompassing nine plots over an expanse of 10,000 m²

2023年08月07日 09時00分

Niseko Woodlands, headquartered in Hong Kong, is planning a Grand Tsuru Project for vacation home development in Niseko Town Soga. Spanning an area of 11,335 m², the project is divided into nine sections, with foreign buyers being the primary target market. The company is poised to select a construction company soon, and construction of the first vacation home is expected to start by next spring.

A vacation home site, designed in harmony with the surroundings, prioritizing the preservation of existing trees (Conceptual illustration courtesy of ABD Architecture LLC)

Located along the Niseko Higashiyama Line logging road, specifically at Soga 487-2 among other places, the site is close to the Niseko Annupuri Ski Area. No additional development activities are needed for the site.

Each plot will span between 965 m² and 1,456 m². The vacation homes, set back from the logging road, will be peacefully ensconced within the forest.

ABD Architecture LLC, led by CEO & Founder Franck Giral and located in Sapporo City (at Minami 3-jo Nishi 10-chome 1002-1, Chuo-ku), is overseeing the design, zoning, and project management for this development. The firm is formulating plans for two-story, wooden structures with total floor areas of 232 m² and 313 m². Given their location outside the sewer service area, the vacation homes will utilize well water and be equipped with water-purification tanks. The design will also incorporate pump chambers.

Building permit applications for the first vacation home and pump chamber are slated for submission in August. Construction is planned to begin in May 2024, with the pump chamber completion targeted for August and the vacation home for November of the same year. The overall completion timeline for the entire project has yet to be finalized.

(Excerpt from an article on July 31, 2023)

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