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Construction of HOTEL101 NISEKO, First Overseas Project of the Philippine Developer, to Begin Shortly

2023年09月08日 09時00分

DoubleDragon Corporation, a Philippine real estate developer, will soon begin construction on HOTEL101 NISEKO, a condominium hotel. This is the first overseas expansion of this hotel brand. The company aims to promote its relatively affordable prices, with Niseko serving as its foothold for global expansion.

Image of the completed HOTEL101 Niseko

The building situated at 95-1 Niseko Hirafu 4-jo 1-chome, Kutchan, will have an RC structure with six floors above the ground and one below, totaling an area of 17,919 m2 and 482 rooms. EGW Asset Management Inc. (Tokyo) is in charge of the project management, and IWATA CHIZAKI INC. of the design and construction. The building is scheduled for completion by the end of December 2026.

According to Chief Executive Officer Hannah Yulo-Luccini of Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd., one of the reasons for choosing Niseko was the longstanding friendship between the Philippines and Japan. She also said that snow, which is not found in the Philippines, beautiful summer greenery and Japanese food are appealing points.

All rooms look the same, are 21 m2 in size and have a mini kitchen, allowing for long-term stays. A connecting door will enable adjoining rooms to be connected. The ability to adjust lighting and air conditioning via an app is also a selling point.

Rooms are sold to investors who then enter a contract with the operating company to operate the rooms as a hotel. The unit price is around 40 million yen, which is affordable in the Niseko area where real estate prices are soaring. The average room rate will be kept at around 20,000 yen (with accommodation for up to three people), targeting a wide range of guests.

The company is also looking to expand into Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, and Chief Executive Officer Hannah Yulo-Luccini says, “Within the next three years, we plan to expand to 25 countries, including Spain and the U.S., in addition to Japan.”

(Excerpt from an article on August 31, 2023)

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